DENGO is a brand of natural hair extensions.
We produce, sell and apply all kind of natural hair extensions.
We work with de best indian hair.
Our human resources are pioneers in the portuguese hair extensions market, with a large experience in the area ensuring high quality levels, since de selection, through production, to application.

DENGO’s objective is to affirm itself as reference in production and commercialization of natural hair extensions.
DENGO’s objective is the happiness of our customers and the our employees.

DENGO borns from a desire to associate the natural hair extensions world to Nature, Well Being, Health and to the Beauty.
Our philosophy is based in an alliance between rigor and the quality of our work, always associate to the well-being of our customers and employees. Our pleasant and happy day to day is our focus to achieve objectives that are not based only in numbers.
Our employees are our greatest asset.
The quality of our hair, of our work in production and application of the extensions, are our way.
The hapiness of our customers and employees is our greatest objective.

Affection, caress, love, care, are some of the DENGO word meanings.
We want to take care of those that search us. We want dengar with a smile. We want to bring you peace. We want that you smile in peace.